Suicide Disease; The Worst Form of Chronic Pain

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is one of the most painful known forms of chronic pain a human can suffer from. CRPS pain has been described as severe burning and stabbing, changing depending on whether the person weight-bares, touches the affected area or is exposed to extreme temperatures.

Like many chronic pain conditions, there is very little treatment for the excruciating pain and even less hope for a full recovery. Early intervention is critical to curing chronic pain, especially CRPS.

5% of those with a fracture or sprain contract CRPS, but the work of an internationally-funded project called MEMOIR, could be the next step to stopping those suffering from the condition understandably nicknamed ‘The Suicide Disease’.

MEMOIR – a clinical trial for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

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Monday, May 17 2021
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Featured in storyImogene Munday; PHD Candidate in Clinical Psychology at UTS, Psychologist at PainMedProfessor James McAuley; Professor in the School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health at UNSW and Senior Research Scientist at NeuRA

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