Ever wondered what a virus sounds like? Dr Mark Temple, Senior Lecturer of Molecular Biology at Western Sydney University, has generated a musical representation of the corona virus genome.

The new research uses a process called Sonificatation to translate the coronavirus genome code into a musical score. And its surprisingly chirpy, certainly melodic.

We have long known that humans capacity to identify and decode patterns we hear is much greater than those we can see. Dr Temple’s research seeks to unlock our ability to listen; to discover new secrets about how the corona virus behaves through singing its code. Could this song be a key to discovering a vaccine?

The New research blurs a critical boundary between art and science. As we listen to the melodic tones of COVID19 corona virus we are shown a vision into the possibilities we encounter when we employ STEAM; Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.

Sophie Ellis sat down with Mr. Mark Temple to discuss his research and the Viral Hit behind COVID19.

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