Morrison refuses to commit to Zero Net Emissions target


In an interview with ABC Insiders on Sunday the Prime Minister Scott Morrison denied the establishment of a formal target of Zero Net emission by 2050.

Morrison stated there was is too much focus placed on the “politics of commitment” in emissions policy and his government are focused on investing in technologies that “lower emissions, lower cost and create more jobs”.  This comes in the wake of $1.9 million in new funding for emission reduction technologies announced last week. The Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor also announced a new ‘gas-fired recovery’ plan which will see the opening of 5 new gas basins at the cost of $28.3 million.

A legislated Zero Net Emission target has never been introduced in Australia and many are criticizing the government refusal to do so. The Prime Minister however asserts that “narrowing” the approaches of emissions reductions is unhelpful.

Memeber for Warringah, Zali Steggal says climate policy in Australia has been insubstantial and convoluted and wants to see a formal target introduced. Zero net emissions is a policy term often floated around but the details of what it entails and the consequences of a lack of formal target are debated. What does Zero net emissions mean? And what are implications of Australia’s lack of formal target?

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