More Young Australians are going Hungry due to Covid-19 Pandemic


Food insecurity in Australia is on the rise as a result of the economic instability produced by the pandemic.  A new report released by Foodbank has revealed that the proportion of Australians seeking Food Relief once a week has doubled since this time last year.

And our young people are most at risk, 65% of 18-25 year olds are going without food at least once a week as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Among these, Casual workers and International students are particularly at risk.

Much of this increased demand is from first-time food-stress. The report reveals that due to the unique and unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic, more than a quarter of Australians who are currently experiencing food insecurity have never experienced it before.

The demand on food relief services has increased as much as 47%. The need is growing as so is the pressure on the services to meet it.

Gerry Andersen, The ACT & NSW CEO of FoodBank says that the Government has “been very kind. They have done all that they can” to address the issue and help secure funding.

OzHarvest CEO and Founder Ronni Kahn however, states that the increased pressure on her organisation was unsustainable in the long run at the current rate of government funding on a State and Federal Level.

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