Challenging Australia’s Out of Home Care with YESvember

Adopt Change, 2020

The out of home care system in Australia has long been criticised for its failings in finding permanent safe and nurturing homes for the 45,000 children currently in out of home care. 36% of which are from Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds.

Having an Impermanent home is hugely detrimental to the development of a child’s life. The out of home care system has been publicly criticised for its failure to include indigenous community leaders in decisions and the re-traumatisation of multiple short term homes.

The COVID19 pandemic has only placed more pressure on children who lack a permanent and safe residence. While the nation has been asked to stay at home, many young Australians have not had no safe home to go to.

This November, NGO Adopt Change is asking Australians to get involved through their campaign #aHomeForEveryChild. Partnering with home-grown fashion house AJE, Adopt change are using fashion to spread awareness about the number of children in Australia without a safe and permanent home.

Sophie Ellis sat down with Adopt Change CEO Renee Carter to find out more about the campaign and how all Australians can help.



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