Aussie travellers to think ahead of an emergency overseas

Image: tookapic, Pixabay

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, more than 10 million departures were registered in 2015-2016, whether to travel or living abroad. However, just a few think ahead and arrange travel insurance in case of an emergency, or when an Australian dies overseas.

Bronwyn Fielding was an Australian mother living in Uganda, and died on 27 June. Her family in Brisbane is trying to bring her back to Australia, but it has been difficult. The family requested DFAT’s consular services, but the governmental department is limited on what they can do in a foreign country.

What other strategies do travelers need to consider before leaving Australia?

For consular services, you can call:

  • Within Australia: 1300 555 135
  • Outside Australia: +61 2 6261 3305
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