Woman of Substances: the female experience of drugs and alcohol

Woman of Substances: A journey into addiction and treatment book cover

Substance use and misuse in Australia is an issue that occupies public debate and informs policy; from the way we access health services, to the ways we socialise in our cities.

With 26% of Australians consuming alcohol at an injurious level monthly and 5% of Aussies using a pharmaceutical drug for a non-medical purpose in the last twelve months this is clearly a problem we cannot ignore.

But how does research and policy in this area represent and reflect women’s experience of drug use and treatment?

In her book ‘Woman of Substances’, journalist and author Jenny Valentish drew on neuroscience, the social sciences and personal experience to illuminate the ways that women are underrepresented and poorly resourced in drug and alcohol research and service delivery.

Exploring women’s pathways to problematic substance use and their experiences with treatment; the book identifies predictors of addiction and difficulties in accessing services.

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