What does the curfew in Alice Springs mean for businesses?

Image: Shutterstock - Annalucia

The curfew in Alice Springs that was introduced a week ago has proven to be successful in it’s goal of reducing youth crime, at least in the short term. The curfew forbids anyone under 18 from being in the Alice Springs CBD from 6 PM to 6 AM, in an effort to mitigate crime. The curfew has been a success, and is called a ‘circuit breaker’, quickly reducing arrests and reported crimes. However, this is only a temporary solution, and as the end of the curfew approaches, police and local government call for more police to provide proactive policing in the area.

Businesses in the area are also affected by the curfew – largely in a positive manner. Despite the withdrawal of Police Auxiliary Liquor Inspectors in the Alice Springs area leaving liquor store owners high and dry, business owners report a positive impact of the curfew.

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