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New research from Sydney University is helping scientists unlock the mysterious of our galaxies missing matter.

Currently about half of the matter estimated to exists is made out of detectable matter. The stars plants and galaxies we can see and calculate. The other half is mostly made of matter too dark for us to see. Astronomers predicts this missing matter is made of dark cold clumps of gas, but we have yet to find a way to measure or detect it.

Lead researcher Yuanming Wang and Professor Tara Murphy have discovered a thin gas cloud about 10 light years from earth.

They believe this cloud is linked to the galaxies missing matter.

Their research has pioneered a new method that uses the tracking of twinkling galaxies to measure these gas phenomena.

The peculiar shape of the gas cloud has lead Yuanming to propose the cloud is in fact a hydrogen snow cloud.

This space snow-cloud is an exciting step in revealing the galaxies mysterious missing matter and a promising development in the research potential of Australian space technology.

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