Tenants in Queensland still not fully COVID-19 protected

Renters and landlords will need to negotiate terms during this COVID-19. Image by Abbey Hendrickson on Flickr.

Finally, after long hours, the Queensland government approved a pack of laws to help Queenslanders being safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most controversial laws were housing and rent payment. Organisations are asking for clarification on some sections of the legislation.

While most of the legislation around the topic is well received, some organisations and lobby groups are concerned with some aspects of the legislation, including landlord evicting tenants when they decide to place their properties on sale, even with a lease in place. Also, tenants who cannot pay the rent will need to be negotiating with landlords, which makes the process very long.

Tenants Queensland will support tenants to clarify the legislation once it is drafted and in place.

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