The department says that his protest will still not affect the outcome of his asylum claim. Other hunger strikers are also in serious health conditions. Amnesty International began a three-day visit to Nauru today, to conduct their own assessment of the conditions on the Island. The Wire’s Alexia Attwood got an update from the Refugee Action Coalition spokesperson, Ian Rintoul about current situation in Nauru. (Image - All Rights Reserved Clint Rawcliff Deidenang)

Australia could be facing the first death of an asylum seeker in a detention center due to hunger striking. This is according to Ian Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition. Omid, an Iranian asylum seeker, is on his 40th day of hunger strike and has been admitted to hospital in Nauru. A spokesperson from the Immigration Department says they are continuing to provide nursing support and that the man is in a stable condition.

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