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One certainty to come out of Saturday’s still uncertain election is the return of Pauline Hanson to the political arena.  Since losing her seat in 1998, the One Nation leader has been in the political wilderness. But she stormed back to take a Queensland Senate seat on a platform that includes calling for a Royal Commission into Islam as well as into the banking system, plus a push for changes to family law and foreign ownership.  Her One Nation party now looks set to win two more Senate seats in Queensland and may win one in NSW and one in WA. This would make her a potential power-broker in whatever government takes the reins.  So what might be the impact of a Pauline Hanson resurgence?


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Monday, July 4 2016
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Featured in storyMargot Kingston, retired Political Journalist and author of 'Off The Rails' a book about Pauline Hanson's 1998 campaignDr Paul Williams, Political Scientist at Griffith University, Queensland

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