Healing Our Spirit Worldwide brings First Nations people to Sydney

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The eighth gathering of Healing Our Spirit Worldwide is taking place this week, at the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

The event, co-hosted by the University of Sydney and The Healing Foundation brings First Nations people together from across the world, to focus on themes of healing, trauma and the future.

Produced by: Kate Rafferty, Jessica Hollow and Curtis Powell

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Tuesday, November 27 2018
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Featured in storyAunty Lorraine Peeters, Indigenous advocate & member of Advisory group for Healing Our Spirit WorldwideMelinda Daw, delegate from Infinity of Page Home Health Services ArizonaKahmeah Fowler, delegate from Infinity of Page Home Health Services ArizonaDr Maggie Hodgson, Founder of the Nechi Institute on Alcohol and Drug Education

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