Farmers lead the charge on reducing emissions on-farm

Image: In dry times, angus cattle farmer fixes trough for thirsty bulls, January 2020

Agriculture in Australia is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of a changing climate. With the longstanding effects of a cycle of floods, bushfires and drought still being felt on properties across the country, many farmers want to be involved in constructive science-based solutions to tackle the issues of a warming climate.

Today, a workshop held by Australian farmers, aimed to generate conversations on feasible strategies for mitigating the sector’s greenhouse gas production.”What Can Farmers Do? Farmer-led, Science-Based GHG Mitigation” co-hosted by the Crawford Fund and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, discussed the potential for innovations to be used to boost productivity on farms, while lowering carbon emissions. This was central to former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson’s message at the event. The potential for lowering methane emissions produced by livestock, to ensure the industry is able to meet emission reduction targets set out in the Paris Agreement was also discussed.

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