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The long struggle fighting the Covid-19 pandemic may finally be showing signs of success. Over the past week, multiple biotechnology companies have announced Covid-19 vaccine trials with success rates over 90%. These trials stand out as some of the most successful, but many other vaccines or treatments for the pandemic also show positive results.

Unfortunately, many logistical problems remain even with a successful vaccine. From distribution, to pricing, to storage, providing a vaccine to the worldwide populous promise to be a difficult task. Pfizer’s vaccine will require storage in temperatures of -70C, a temperature colder than the surface of Mars. This could cause problems when distributing the vaccine to rural areas.

Similarly, there is a fear that those most vulnerable to Covid-19 may react poorly to a vaccine. As a result, alternative treatments are also in development in research labs like those at the Kirby Institute.

Yet despite these hurdles, the search for a viable treatment continues. In this story, experts from the Kirby Institute and Westmead Hospital speak with Ryan Stanton about the state of research into these treatments, and what we can expect when they hit Australian shores.

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