World’s leading mining experts gather at this year’s World Mining Congress

Image courtesy Ting Ren

Mining experts say the world needs vast quantities of lithium, cobalt, copper, sand and other minerals for a sustainable net-zero world. At the same time, mining companies need to decarbonise their operations. But how can we ensure the demands for these minerals do not translate to environmental damage and negative impact on local communities? 

These are some of the many questions and topics of conversation at the World Mining Congress, held for the first time in Australia from today, Monday 26 June until this Thursday 29 June.  

Over 3,000 mining leaders, technologists, and researchers from 70 countries are meeting at the Congress, in a bid to share knowledge and provide insight on topics including mine closure and land repurposing in different contexts.  

Speaking with The Wire’s Aryana Mohmood about this Congress is Dr Mike Hood, Emeritus Professor at the University of Queensland and member of the Australian National Organising Committee that led the development of the program of speakers from around the world.

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