World Environment Day 2019: Striving for a breath of fresh air


Only 8% of the world can truly step outside for a breath of fresh air, for the other 92%, it is riddled with pollutants which can have severe impacts on our health.

Today, June 5th, is World Environment Day, and the focus of this year is on air pollution. In Australia, scarcely do we think about this issue.

But for areas like the Latrobe Valley region, it is an issue that is engrained in day to day life. Air pollution is a part of life there, but the 2014 Hazlewood mine fire, which caused adverse health effects and even the death of some members of the community due to reduced air quality, was the trigger that sparked a change.

Now members of the Latrobe Valley district are calling for more regulations to improve the air quality in the area.

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