WA lockdown lifted, dangerous bushfires continue

"Bushfire" by Thingo is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Western Australia’s five-day lockdown will be lifted at 6 o’clock tonight, following a streak of no new cases and no community transmission.

The lockdown affected areas of Perth, Peel and the South West regions, after a hotel worker returned a positive coronavirus test.

For the next nine days, residents of Perth and Peel will be under restrictions including mandating wearing a mask when you leave your house, until February 14 when the incubation period for the virus will have finished.

Meanwhile for residents of the South West region, the area will return to the same restrictions in place prior to when the lockdown commenced on Monday.

While this comes as good news for Western Australia, the state is still under threat from numerous bushfires burning out of control.

Currently, 81 homes have been destroyed, but there have been 0 human fatalities.

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