The High Court’s plain packing decision – Snuffing arguments or igniting questioning?


Today’s High Court decision has ruled that tobacco companies can no longer challenge Australia’s plain packaging laws on cigarettes, which will be introduced on December 1st. The Government is proclaiming victory, but tobacco companies aren’t giving in just yet.

Despite a ruling from Australia’s highest court, tobacco companies still believe there is a way out; that plain packaging will be a failure and that Governments cannot go without the $8 billion worth of funding that cigarette companies provide. Is this claim the smoking gun, or just an empty threat?

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Wednesday, August 15 2012
Produced By Wade Stephens
Featured in storyDr Matthew Rimmer - Expert in intellectual property law at the Australian National UniversityProfessor Jim Butler - Professor of Health Economics at the Australian National UniversityRachel Elliott - Public Affairs Manager at Imperial Tobacco Australia

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