Quashing Vaccine Concerns; Why No Australian Has to Worry About the Safety of Any Covid-19 Vaccine

unsplash; courtesy of CDC

The safety of any vaccine will always stir debate, especially in the midst of a pandemic, where vaccines were produced and distributed within 12 months. A combination of this and mainstream media grasping at negative statistics, that have not been dissimilar to that of any vaccine ever produced, and a community of people begin spreading misinformation.

Despite the discourse, the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccine are almost completely safe to everyone, including pregnant mothers and their unborn babies. Listen to this story to comprehend complex terminology used by health experts and settle any grey areas surrounding the safety of Covid-19 vaccines.2 a

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Monday, August 2 2021
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Featured in storyHannah Dahlen; Professor of Midwifery and Associate Dean of Research and Hard Degree Research at Western Sydney University’s School of MidwiferyDr Natasha Yates; Practicing GP and Assistant Professor at Bond University’s Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine

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