Our Knowledge Our Way charts a path for respectful and inclusive research

Yanama budyari gumada

Indigenous-led ‘Our Knowledge Our Way in caring for Country – Best Practice Guidelines from Australian experiences’ brings together input from over 100 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contributors and is based on 23 case studies from across Australia.

The guidelines highlight how Indigenous knowledge is kept strong through access to Country and Indigenous cultural governance of knowledge and outlines how to respectfully undertake research, with a focus on four themes: strengthening Indigenous knowledge; strong partnerships; sharing and weaving knowledge; and Indigenous land and sea networks.

Case Study image from Walking with good spirit at Yarramundi, Western Sydney (NSW) Darug custodians and university researchers talk of the importance of walking with good spirit in creating an opportunity to learn from each other and from Country at Yarramundi, western Sydney. Here they are yarning together at Yarramundi.

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