North Koreans Request New Meeting with the United States

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The White House announced today it has received a letter from Pyongyang requesting another meeting after the success of denuclearisation talks in June.

This follows an apparent improvement in relations between North Korea, the US and its regional neighbours, suggested by multiple gestures of goodwill such as the destruction of their one known nuclear test site.

Experts remain undecided over the motives behind the hermit-nation’s policy shift, but they agree relations have improved.



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Tuesday, September 11 2018
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Featured in storyDr Leonid Petrov, Visiting Fellow at ANU College of Asia and the Pacific Dr Bronwen Dalton, Associate Professor at UTS Business School and Vice President of the Korean Studies Association of AustraliaDr Jingdong Yuan, Associate Professor at the Centre for International Security Studies at the University of Sydney

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