Ngaliwurru-Wuli community wins landmark native title compensation


The High Court of Australia made its first ruling for native title compensation as pay out of over $3 million dollars, the most significant initiative taken after the 1992 Mabo case. Over the past few decades, indigenous land has been stripped away from traditional owners to be used for public works, mining projects, and other infrastructural projects.

Although the success of monetary compensation for non-economic losses like spiritual and cultural practices is yet to be examined, there is a possibility of this ruling to instigate future liability claims in not just Timber Creek, but on a national level.

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Thursday, March 14 2019
Produced By Heloise Vyas & Nahum Gale
Featured in storyMatthew Storey - CEO of National Native Title Council Lorraine Jones - Claimant of the Ngaliwurru-Wuli clan groupsMichael Pagsanjan - Native Title Mediator and Principal at MPS Law in AdelaideSteve Kenny - Native Title Lawyer

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