National Psychology Week addressing mental health issues in Australia

National Psychology Week will raise awareness about mental health from the 11 - 17 November across Australia.

We know it’s important to have good mental health, but most people don’t approach psychologists to take care of it.

Next week is National Psychology Week across Australia, and different events will happen to raise awareness on our wellbeing and the need of psychologists to our mental health. This year’s event focuses on the power of human connection.

In lights of next week, a new research was released about loneliness in Australia, affecting 1 in 4 Australians. This is the most comprehensive study ever done about the issue.

Also, another issue affecting more Australians is anxiety, where fear stops someone from doing any activity. Anxiety also increases when people use social media excessively.

These conditions can be addressed with a psychologist, and small steps could decrease these issues.


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Friday, November 9 2018
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Featured in storyFrances Mirabelli - CEO of the Australian Psychology SocietyDr Michelle Lim - Chair of the Australian Coalition to End Loneliness and Senior Lecturer from Swinburne UniversityAssociate Professor Amanda Gordon - Chair of NSW branch of Australian Psychology Society

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