National Cabinet Meet to Discuss Vaccine Rollout

Shutterstock: Ronnie Chua

After returning from his UK trip, Scott Morrison has convened an emergency national cabinet meeting today to discuss the latest issues with the COVID Vaccine Rollout.

The meeting was called on Friday after the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation advised the government to restrict its vaccine rollout to those aged 60 and over. Yet medical advice from the Cabinet has come out saying that those who had taken one dose of AztraZeneca should still take their second dose, even if they were in the 50-59 age.

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Monday, June 21 2021
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Featured in storyJames Merlino, Acting Premier, VictoriaGladys Berejiklian, Premier, NSWDr Chris Moy, Vice President, Australian Medical AssociationPaul Griffin, Associate Professor, University of Queensland, Kylie Quinn, Research Fellow, Australian Academy of Science

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