Dangerous Debris: Space Junk is a Worsening Problem, but a solution is on the horizon.

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Earth’s atmosphere is a mess made up of the debris from dead satellites and other unused space equipment. Every moment that passes creates millions more microscopic and minuscule pieces that travel at speeds beyond comprehension, and with the current technology, these pieces are untraceable and therefore very dangerous.

However, there could be a solution emerging from the work of a team lead by Professor Tat-Jun Chin from the University of Adelaide. Listen now to find out how the problem became as bad as it is, and how Professor Chin is heading a hugely significant project with the potential to clean up our local atmosphere.

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Monday, June 21 2021
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Featured in storyDr. Ed Kruzins; Former CSIRO Director Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex at CSIRO & NASA - National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationProfessor Tat-Jun Chin; Australian Institute for Machine Learning, Professorial Chair of Sentient Satellites

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