Making STEM more equitable and inclusive for young disabled Australians

Photo courtesy of Monash University's Faculty of Information Technology

To coincide with National Science Week, Dr Kirsten Ellis from Monash University will be holding virtual workshops demonstrating how to give young Australians with disabilities the opportunity to learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities using Tapeblocks to help them independently participate without dealing with exclusionary barriers.

Tapeblocks is a fun, creative, simplistic and engaging initiative that incorporates easy to assemble tools to create circuits, including for those with limited fine motor skills, blindness and intellectual disabilities.

Kits and building materials such as foam blocks, conductive tape and electronic components e.g. LEDs and vibration motors will be sent out to various disability support organisations across Victoria to teach and build skills and understanding in making these educational modules more equitable, inclusive and interactive for everyone.

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