Human Rights Watch makes hay while the sun shines in Lebanon


Its morning in the middle east and as we speak residents of the region are tentatively venturing out of doors and bomb shelters, uncertain whether the UN mandated ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah will hold. The ceasefire was due to take effect from took place from 5am Greenwich meantime, or 3pm on the eastern standard time in Australia. But right up until the deadline Israel was continuing to fire on Hezbollah positions. Among those taking advantage of the calm will observers with non-government organizations such as Human Rights Watch. They have been documenting war crimes being perpetrated by both sides. Before they head down south to check out the situation in towns such as Tyre, they will need to secure a large supply of fuel and try and find enough roads intact to get them there. The Wire caught up with Nadim Houry. Originally from Lebanon, he now works as a researcher with Human rights watch. He gave his impressions of the scene from Beirut.

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