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Research published in Science and conducted at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in conjunction with a multidisciplinary team have discovered that the Darling Downs or Toowoomba funnel web spider has properties which could kills cancerous cells.

Peptide, a compound consisting of two or more amino acids, are extracted from the venom glands and administered to the cancerous and melanoma cells with almost no negative effects on surrounding healthy cells, The research could potentially be applied for both human and Tasmanian Devils although for the endangered Tassie devil, this could be the breakthrough which changes their life.

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Monday, October 8 2018
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Featured in storyAssociate Professor John Miles - Principal Research Fellow, Molecular Immunology at James Cook University Dr Carolyn Hogg - Research Manager in Australasian Wildlife Genomics Group at Sydney UniversityJohn Hamilton - Director of Tasmania Devil Unzoo Dr Bruce Lyons - Senior Lecturer in Immunology and Bioscience at University of Tasmania

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