COVID-19 supplement payment a ‘no go’ for disabled Australians and carers


Despite the federal government announcing billions of dollars in stimulus spending to help keep the economy running, many Australians who have mulitple disabilities, chronic illnesses, immuocompromised and/or immuosuppressed respiratory conditions remain at high-risk of contracting coronavirus.

With NDIS funded service providers downscaling and withdrawing basic support neccesities vital in maintaining the health and wellbeing of disabled people who heavily rely on financial, medicinal and social co-dependency, disability advocates and the Australian Greens are calling on Federal Minister for Families and Social Services, Senator Anne Ruston to act urgently to ensure disabled people and carers can access the $550 COVID-19 supplement payment to help them cope with the current pandemic.

Senator Ruston’s office has said that whilst this is true, all recipients of the Disability Support Pension and Carer Allowance will only get the two $750.00 one-off payments that were previously announced.



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