Exclusive: New Black Stories Matter Podcast Examines Media Coverage Of Aboriginal Activism

Image: Shutterstock / Rose Matkin

A new five-part podcast series called Black Stories Matter will be released on Wednesday November 11, in celebration of NAIDOC week. The podcast is based on the book ‘Does the media fail Aboriginal political aspirations?’ by UTS researchers Amy Thomas, Andrew Jakubowicz, Heidi Norman and includes interviews with historians, policy makers, researchers and journalists.

They discuss how the media has framed important moments in Aboriginal polity and activism from the last 45 years. Beginning with the Larrakia petition in 1972, to the Uluru Statement from the Heart in 2017, Black Stories Matter considers how media coverage of these events has undermined the aspirations and intentions of Aboriginal activists, through assimilationist, sympathetic and patronising narratives

In this exclusive interview, the Wire reporter Kate Atkinson speaks to the Black Stories Matter co-host, Amy Thomas, about the new podcast and how mainstream media can change their reporting on Indigenous issues.

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