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Colombia in South America has been gripped by a tense conflict between its government and a group of rebel insurgents known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

At midnight tonight Colombian time, a ceasefire will come into effect, ending over 50 years of fighting, a momentous decision in Colombia’s history. While the decision could help to reduce violence in the country, the movement needs to clear one last hurdle – the approval of its population through a plebiscite vote.

The current young generation of Colombians are optimistic the people will vote Yes to legitimise the peace talks, and are hopeful it will turn a new page for the fortunes of the country.

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Monday, August 29 2016
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Featured in storyFelipe Ballen, Student in Bogota, ColombiaAlexandra Phelan, Global Terrorist Research Centre at Monash UniversityAlejandra Ruiz Garcia, Student in Nariño, ColombiaDaniela Ordoñez, Student in Bogota, Colombia

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