Adult Helping Senior In Hospital by Vormingplus Gent-Eeklo vzw, Flickr.

A roomful of people. Five pitches. But there can only be one winner of the $3000 Mega-Grant.

Last week, the Awesome Foundation’s Sydney chapter celebrated its seventh birthday by tripling their usual monthly grant. The five finalists included:

  • Food for Life, a non-profit offering free cooking classes/resources to migrant communities in Sydney’s west;
  • The Attitude Foundation, an organisation working to promote the visibility of disabilities in the media;
  • Hoopz4Hope, community hula-hooping for health collective founded by Jewelz A Hoopz;
  • Taboo Talk, a talking circle founded by Amirah Amin, wherein participants choose and discuss taboo topics;
  • And grant winner Heart and Soul Story, founded by researcher Samantha Heron. Samantha coordinates S.T.E.P (Seniors and Teens Empathy Program), focused on rebuilding connections between teens and those in aged care.


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