Australian mining a challenge for emission reductions

Image source: Unsplash -Dominik Vanyi

Australia’s absence at the United Nations Climate Action Summit and the release of the IPCC report on climate change have raised questions about the country’s commitment to the reduction of emissions since they are the world’s largest exporter of coal and natural gas.

The report has shown an increase on ocean temperatures and acidification of the water which is in great part due to CO2 emissions, proving that the mining industries have been a great influence in climate change since they produce two times the total of Australian emissions.

Experts debate that the mining industries should be held accountable for the emissions and governments are to take action over them.

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Friday, September 27 2019
Produced By Isabella Guzman
Featured in storyJeremy Moss - Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of New South Wales and Researcher on ethical issues of fossil fuel exportsNathan Bindoff - Professor of Physical Oceanography, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania

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