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Following the UN ruling Friday, which upheld Julian Assange’s claim he was a victim of arbitrary detention, Assange’s legal team called on the Australian Government to help in the return of his passport and to provide consular assistance to him. Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop said today she was seeking legal advice over the matter as Assange continues to take refuge in Ecuador’s Embassy in London after both Britain and Sweden dismissed the non-binding ruling by the UN’s Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. So where does this leave the WikiLeaks leader, who claims sexual assault charges pending against him in Sweden have been manufactured to enable the US to extradite and prosecute him over his publication of sensitive government documents? Kim Williams reports.

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Monday, February 8 2016
Produced By Kim Williams
Featured in storyProfessor Donald Rothwell, Professor of International Law at ANUProfessor Brian Martin, Professor in Social Sciences at Wollongong and Vice President of Whistleblowers' Australia

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