A year on, Ebola still strikes the Democratic Republic of Congo

Many Congolese families are facing a lethal mix of Ebola, violence, and poor health services. Image by World Bank Photo Collection on Flickr

Last year, the Democratic Republic of Congo had its 10th Ebola strike since 1976. This time, around 1800 Congolese have died, and many Congolese citizens have to be displaced from their homes due to the Ebola, the violence in the area, and inadequate health services. This year, a new Ebola streak hit the eastern city of Goma, fearing for a new epidemic that may cause a lethal mix for its people.

The statistics are concerning. The doctor’s ratio in the country is 9 doctors to 10,000 people, and the situation is getting worse with the lack of funds to eradicate the disease and provide basic health services to its citizens. Oxfam Australia is asking the Federal government to increase the aid to the DRC to help on the issue.

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