What will Prime Minister Albanese’s US visit mean to Australia?

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On Monday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese arrived in the US to begin his official 4-day visit. The Prime Minister has described his trip to the US as “an important visit that comes at a turbulent time for the world.”

Discussions between the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and President Joe Biden are expected to form around the AUKUS agreement and supply chain security about critical minerals. What’s happening currently in the Middle East could also be raised at the meeting.

The Prime Minister’s trip marks the 2nd state visit of Australia to the US in just 4 years and is believed to bolster the Australia-US alliance.

There is currently a lack of speaker in the US Congress, no legislation can be passed, including the long-awaited submarine pact, but this eventually will be resolved and should only present a delay on the multi-generational AUKUS agreement. On the other hand, The Prime Minister just announced a 2 billion dollars boost in government credit for projects about supply chains of critical minerals.

As the US is Australia’s biggest security partner with all sorts of linkages that seems to increase every year, both leaders are believed to chase an expansion of those linkages and the Prime Minister’s visit is only to highlight that.

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