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What are microaggressions and what are their health effects? An Australian researcher provides answers to these questions. 

Microaggressions are a subtle and often unintentional, form of prejudice towards members of minority communities. They can take the form of an offhand comment, joke or sly insult, rather than an overt declaration of racism or sexism.

The term was created in 1970 by an American physiatrist contextualising negative racial relations between black and non-black Americans. In today’s society, anyone can experience these micro-aggressions including marginalised groups, culturally and linguistically diverse and also people of different ages and body weight. 

The Wire’s Toni Pankaluic spoke with Dr. Mahima Kalla a Research Fellow and Qualitative Researcher from the University of Melbourne to find out about the impact of micro-aggressions within Australia.

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