Turkish President Erdogan arrests 6000 following failed coup attempt with 300 dead

Image: Amison Public Information

Liberal secular Turks are today worried about further measures President Erdogan may introduce following the aborted coup attempt on Friday.  Elements of the Army took control of key government ministries and military installations but failed to bring the people along with them.  They also failed in the basic measure in not arresting President Erdogan or Prime Minister Yilderim, as they were then free to get back to Istanbul to whip up opposition, with the uprecedented and not insubstantive assistance from some 80,000 mosques throughout the country.

Mr Erdogan quickly moved from the resort town of Marmaris where he was staying, to Istanbul to direct resistance to the coup attempt on the weekend.  He can now legitimise wholesale arrests of 6000 so far of Opposition Gulanists in the military, judiciary and potentially the education sector.  Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop,  issued a general warning about travelling to Turkey whilst there were still mopping up operations continuing.

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