The music industry band together amidst COVID-19

ISOL-AID Featuring Didirri, Angie McMahon, Stella Donnelly, Clea, Alice Skye, Carla Geneve

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has affected multiple industries such as hospitality and indoor fitness, the music industry has also taken a massive blow, with live performances, signings and festivals essentially being banned due to social distancing measures.

Despite these setbacks, the music industry has responded in a way that only the music industry could – by banding together and supporting each other through music.

There have been a number of virtual festivals such as ‘ISOL-AID’ and ‘Saturday Night In’ popping up on , with Australian artists performing to a live Instagram audience in the hope of providing comfort and raising money for the industry.

You can catch more live music on Instagram this weekend with Bridget Hustwaite hosting another ‘Saturday Night In’ event with musicians and the second round of ISOL-AID with musicians Jen Cloher, Lisa Mitchell, No 1 Dads and Alice Ivy playing.

You can also support the music industry by donating to Support Act, buying merchandise and streaming your favourite artist’s music.


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