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People from the young generation in Australia have always shown their political initiative want more recognition of their identities. Currently, 13 countries allow 16-year-olds to vote, but that doesn’t include Australia.

A group of young people launched the Make it 16 campaign across the country in June, aiming to give people aged 16 and 17 with the ability to vote.

As the upcoming Voice to the Parliament referendum is coming closer, reports have suggested that young people are more likely to vote for “YES” campared to others. Should we lower the voting age so that young people can have more political representation in Australia or are they yet to be aware of what’s happening around them?

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Wednesday, October 4 2023
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Featured in storyProfessor Judith Bessant - School of Global, Urban and Social Studies - RMIT UniversityProfessor Luke Beck - Professor of Constitutional Law - Monash UniversityDr Intifar Chowdhury - political scientist at Australian National University

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