Russian Nuclear Accident Cloaked Behind The Info Curtain



The nuclear accident within the remote regions of Russia’s Artic Circle on August 8th is still shrouded in mystery, as multiple are workers are confirmed dead, and more are currently being treated in Moscow.

According to official Kremlin sources, the explosion that took place on August 8th near Archangel at a remote base concerned the propulsion system of a liquid-fuel rocket engine. But since then, officials have denied any dangerous substances were released, and that evacuation orders for nearby villages were enacted.

Is this a sign of concern by the Kremlin regarding the nature of the incident becoming public knowledge?

And in this post-Chernobyl world, do we still understand and appreciate the dangers of nuclear power?







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Monday, August 19 2019
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Featured in storyDr Alexey Muraviev - Head of the Department of Social Sciences and Security Studies at Curtin University. Dr Peter Karamoskos - Member of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agencies Radiation Health and Safety Advisory Council

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