Report on the aged care system unveils neglect of residents

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The Royal Commission released their report on aged care called “Neglect” this Saturday, in it they have described the Australian aged care system “unsafe” and “uncaring” and have called to immediate action as conditions for elders and young people with disabilities seem to worsen with time due to under-funding and poor management.

The report has pointed out the lack of action from the Federal Government into improving conditions for elders, young disabled people and workers in aged care.

Advocacy groups for elders and young disabled people in aged care demand a complete reform to the system.

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Friday, November 1 2019
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Featured in storyProfessor Joseph Ibrahim - Head of the Health, Law and Ageing Research Unit at the Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Monash.Doctor George Taleporos - Policy Manager at the Summer Foundation and member of the Victorian Disability Council.Ian Yates - Chief Executive of the Council on The Ageing (COTA).

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