Police ‘wanding’ powers: a stab in the dark at fighting knife crimes 

Image: Shutterstock - SpeedKingz

The NSW State Government has proposed new powers for the police to search people for weapons with a metal-detecting wand without a warrant. This comes after months of violent knife crime that bewildered the state and country.

The new reforms will be modeled after Queensland’s ‘Jack’s Law’, which came into the Queensland legislature after the death of 17-year-old Jack Beasley on the Gold Coast in 2019. However, the law will be adapted to NSW, as Minister of Police and Counter-Terrorism Yasmin Catley said “We’ll be looking at how these strategies work in a NSW context. Strategies that we know are making a difference in Queensland.”

But some in the community are skeptical of the government’s reforms, noting there may be an infringement of human rights. While others say the proposed laws do not go the extra mile in combating violent knife crime.

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