Alleged sexual abuse of aged care resident went unreported for years


Revelations have come to light that a vulnerable resident in a Queensland government-run nursing home was sexually assaulted by an employee, and it was not reported to authorities for five years, despite management being notified by a colleague.

The aged care worker continued to work at Eventide Rockhampton for two years, and was discharged only after he was caught sexually abusing another aged care resident with a mental impairment. In October 2019, the perpetrator was handed a 18-month sentence, for the second offence, however questions remain as to why there it took so long for management to alert police about the original offence.

Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said in a statement to The Wire,
“The allegations are very serious and concerning.”
“A Queensland Health inquiry is underway… where a range of matters including whether the original response to the allegations was appropriate will be investigated.”


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