Plans for medicare co-payment fail to protect most vulnerable

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Some of the most vulnerable groups in society won’t have to pay the Medicare co-payment, if the Australian Medical Association gets its way. The AMA wants the government to pay on behalf of concession card holders and children under sixteen. The government has rejected the plan, but the AMA will not give up on trying to reach a compromise.Also under the spot-light is the Medical Research Future Fund, which some are calling a Trojan horse to get the co-payment through.They say the government should take a step back from funding medical research.

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Tuesday, August 26 2014
Produced By Melissa Lahoud
Featured in storyDr Stephen Parnis - vice president of the Australian Medical AssociationIan Yates - chief executive of Cota Australia, a peak body representing older AustraliansSenator David Leyonhjelm - NSW Liberal Democrat

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