Image: Shutterstock: Michail Petrov

Last month dozens of top secret files where leaked to discord severs, the controversial message board 4Chan, Telegram – an encrypted messaging app and Twitter.

The documents have sensitive information ranges from Ukrainian and Russian casualties rates, current Iranian nuclear activity, North Korean missile capability and China’s possible reaction to a Ukrainian attack within Russia.  The leak also exposed which allies the US was eavesdropping on.

Russian media has capitalised on the leak to try and drive a wedge between the US and its allies but other than a formal complaint from two countries the Five Eyes intelligence organisations strategic ties remain strong.

The United States is still unsure who leaked the information and how they acquired it.

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Tuesday, April 11 2023
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Featured in storyDr Malcolm Davis, Senior Analyst in Defence Strategy and Capability at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)

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