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If you are turning 14, you will now fall under the new anti-terror laws about to be introduced into parliament by the government.

This means a control order can be issued to allow surveillance, enforce reporting and restrict movement of a person 14 years and above, much in the same way that parole operates.

Also added is the post sentence detention provisions, which allow people to continue to languish in gaol if it is deemed that they may re-offend.   But does this fit with our system of justice stemming from the Common Law?

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Monday, September 12 2016
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Featured in storyDr Binoy Kampmark Senior Lecturer School of Global, Urban and Social Studies RMIT UniversityProfessor Patrick Keyzer, Head of Law School, La Trobe UniversityDr Julien Droogan, Senior Lecturer Department of Security Studies and Criminology Macquarie University

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