Medics in the Mediterranean: aiding refugees at sea.

image: MSF150776 Description: Australian nurse Carol Nagy rushes a 8 month old Nigerian baby to the clinic on the MY Phoenix Copyright: Gabriele François Casini/MSF

Just this year 150,000 people have taken the risky passage across the Mediterranean, seeking refuge from the war in Syria and other ongoing conflicts. While Australians are witnessing the refugee crisis through tragic images and stories from abroad, Carol Nagy, a nurse from Tasmania, has been experiencing it first hand. She led the Médecins Sans Frontières Medical team on board their ship ‘The Phoenix’, treating conditions ranging from dehydration to chronic diseases and trauma injuries. While the world struggles to grasp the magnitude of the number of displaced people around the world, Carol wants to remind Australians that those dying at sea are just people, trying to find a better life.

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