Lost housing, lost community: the campaign for Millers Point

Community groups such as the Friends of Millers Point are pushing for the government to commit more money to public housing, rather than increase revenue from selling off heritage buildings in Millers Point. Today Friends of Miller Point, along with other community groups, rallied outside NSW Parliament House. They believe if all the sales go ahead, in a bid to gentrify the area, there will be a decline in community diversity and loss of history.

In March last year the NSW government announced the selling off of 293 public housing properties at Millers Point over two years, affecting more than 400 residents. In the past year, ten properties have been sold some fetching more than $2 million. The government says for every Millers Point property sold three new public housing properties can be built. However these new public housing properties are located on the outskirts of Sydney, further away from jobs and services. A further criticism is that many of the dwellings at Millers Point were purpose built for public housing making them an asset to the area.

Save Millers Point

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Tuesday, March 10 2015
Produced By Rachelle Alchin
Featured in storyChris, Millers Point residentBarney Gardner, Millers Point residentKelli Haynes, Convenor of the Friends of Millers PointProfessor Andrew Beer, Centre of Housing, Urban and Regional Planning, University of Adelaide

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